{Sleep-in Saturday}

The west Paris home of Virginia, a stylist and decorator, and her husband Frederick, a set designer, is the happy result of blended families as well as blended styles — they are the proud parents of five teenagers and a baby. Virginia's taste is for vintage charm, while Frederick favours a more modern look, but when they purchased their present home, it immediately lent itself to a more contemporary approach — Virginia chose shades of grey in the main living area, setting off the artwork as well as the more feminine notes of colour and pattern provided by the cushions. The teens chose their own decor for their respective rooms, creatively using wallpaper remnants and recycling furniture to give their personal spaces an individual look. With such different influences, it's surprising how comfortably it all works together — much like this family. More photos and text (in French) here at Marie Claire Maison.(photography by Christophe Dugied)

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