{archived photos}

Since #revwarphotos and #moonlightcourt has been rebranded to become #mollypicturestudio, you can still find all the old photos at www.Flickr.com/photos/minimeredith


{name change}

{Moonlight Court} is now {Molly Picture Studio} and I can be found at www.flickr.com/photos/Mollypicturestudio   Thanks!!


{Steller stories}

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Thank you to everyone who stops by here to learn more about my photos. I really enjoy taking photos of my travels and the Revolurionary War reenactments that I attend as a campfollower. My photos can be found on www.flickr.com/photos/minimeredith  Thanks again for stopping by. 


{Battle of the Hook}

Photos from the Battle of the Hook are now posted on www.flickr.com/photos/minimeredith or at www.facebook.com/moonlightcourt

Please visit and like my page to continue to receive notices that photos are posted. Thanks. Huzzah!


{now on Facebook}

Check out my new Facebook page to see my Rev War Photos: www.facebook.com/moonlightcourt 



{Mt. Harmon & Skippack}

The newest photos from Mt. Harmon and Skippack are now available on Flickr. Thank you for visiting!


{pics now on flickr}

It's true! My pictures are available on Flickr.com for all to view. Look me up at {minimeredith}!


{rev war photos from Battle of Trenton, 2012}

As of this summer, I have started a new passion: reenacting the American Revolutionary War. Combining my love of history with photography, I have been given the opportunity to catch some really great living history scenes "on film." Here's the link to my Battle of Trenton album: 
Trenton 2012

More to come! You are welcome to use these photos, but please give credit either to me or link back to this website. Thank you!