{Living in Marie Antoinette}

From Design*Sponge's Amy: My sister and I just returned home from our European vacation last night and I couldn’t think of any movie more perfect to commemorate our trip than Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. I’ve long been a fan of the biography on which the movie was based, and Sofia’s adaption is nothing if not a deliciously sweet slice of cake.
1. Dice $5, 2. black tulle headband $8, 3. porcelain rose earrings $16, 4. framed token of Marie Antoinette $20, 5. 18th century antique fan $1233, 6. pink champagne truffles $15, 7. adoptable pug puppy, 8. All black “bow bow flat” $103, 9. Ladurée macrons, 10. french linen chaise $1199.

The thing I find the most fascinating about Marie Antoinette was her total stylistic contradictions. She was the ultimate fashion plate at Versailles, famous for parties and excess, but later became inspired by a natural, simplified life and had a rustic village created on the grounds of Versailles for only her closest friends to visit. (Micha and I went there and fell in love! Evidence of its sweetness on my flickr.) I’m definitely more of a peasant than palace type of girl, but would be happy to bring home a bit of fancy French either way. — Amy M.
1. Vintage European wall sink $198, 2. milk bottles $18, 3. reproduction playing cards $8, 4. brass skeleton key $2, 5. knit knee socks $18, 6. silk dupioni ribbon $4/yd, 7. bust of Marie Antoinette $213, 8. daisy bouquet $19, 9. vintage french stone windmill $898, 10. handmade wooden bucket $20.

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