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Wire Photo and Card Holders By Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made

I recently designed a craft to teach at a conference that held several tiny collages using simple wire holder forms. This is similar to those found attached to various decorative bases in the frame section at most stores. They are very simple to make and can be done with many different types of wire. The wire I use for standard 4-by-6 inch photos or small artist trading cards is around 18-gauge and can be easily found at the hardware store. You can make tinier ones with much finer wire for displaying tiny things like postage stamps.
Here is a simple way to create the wire holders:
• Wire

• Cylinder form, such as a wooden rod or spoon handle

• Wire cutters

• Round nose pillars

• Base (see directions below)

1. For a photo holder, create a base by cutting a piece of wire about 12 inches long.
2. Holding the cylinder form in one hand, hold the wire perpendicularly against the form with your thumb.
3. Using the other hand, wrap the wire around the form twice and close together.
4. Bend the remaining wire back at a 90 degree angle.
5. Slide wire from form. With your round nose pliers, curl the beginning end back on itself in the form of a small loop.
6. Tuck the long end of the wire into a form and slide a picture or other thin object in between the wire circles.
7. I tucked a wire holder with a childhood photo of my mom into a little vintage egg cup filled with floral foam, beads and trim.

Other form ideas for displaying photos or cards:
• Vintage teacup with floral foam and moss

• Several wire holders inside the holes of a salt or sugar shaker filled with sand or glitter

• Fruit as brunch place settings with name cards and photos in wire holders

• Vases and plants (Create longer stemmed wire holders for tucking into them)

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