{Allure of Chanel}

Here's a book on my shelf that I can't wait to read: The Allure of Chanel by Paul Morand and Translated by Euan Cameron.

My favorite online bookseller Bas Bleu reports: "At the close of World War II, French writer Paul Morand visited Coco Chanel at her home in St. Moritz, to begin work on the acclaimed designer’s memoirs. Thirty years later, he rediscovered his notes of their conversations and compiled them into this sparkling portrait of the enigmatic Chanel. The Allure of Chanel is the story of her life in her own words—short vignettes grouped under headings such as “Little Coco,” “Arrival in Paris,” “Society People,” “Poor Women,” and “On Fashion Or, a Good Idea Is Made to Perish.” In these pages, Coco Chanel reveals herself to be at times passionate and standoffish, heartbroken and exultant, frank and ironic. The slightly disjointed feel of this little volume reflects its conversational tone, giving readers the feeling of eavesdropping just outside the door of Chanel’s private salon. C’est magnifique!"

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