{If the World Were a Village}

If the World Were a Village by David J. Smith, Illustrated by Shelagh Armstrong

From Bas Bleu: Earth is a crowded place, and it is getting more crowded all the time. As of 2010, the world’s population was more than 6 billion, 900 million.… Numbers this big are hard to understand, but what if we imagine the whole population of the world as a village of just 100 people?
Educators often lament the fact that American children lack a world view. Well, If the World Were a Village can help take care of that. This is demographics for children, picture-book style. Furthermore, it reduces huge numbers to a microcosm that’s more meaningful--and perhaps even shocking to some. For example, of the world-village’s 100 people, only 5 would be from the United States and Canada; 10 would earn less than two dollars a day; 14 would not know how to read or write; and just 53 would always have enough food to eat. Even adult readers will find the approach instructive, and children will be pleased to have such important information. Every public and home library should have this fascinating book! For ages 7 through adult. (EE)

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