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The Pig Did It and The Pig Comes to Dinner Books by Joseph Caldwell

After being rebuffed by a potential lover, American creative-writing teacher Aaron McCloud comes to the craggy shores of Ireland's west coast "so he [can], in solitary majesty, feel sorry for himself." When a herd of pigs in the road interrupts his bus ride to County Kerry, however, Aaron's plans to indulge in a pity party begin to derail. An errant pig follows Aaron to his aunt Kitty's home and, among other acts of destruction, digs up a human skeleton in the vegetable garden: the remains of a local man said to have moved away. Aaron soon discovers that several people around him-- including Kitty and a lovely but feisty pig keeper with whom Aaron is falling hopelessly in love--are plausible suspects for murder. Hilariously witty, The Pig Did It is a unique blend of satiric comedy, suspenseful mystery, and charming romance--with a nod to Irish mythology thrown in as well. What fun! We're also offering the second and third books in the "Pig Trilogy": The Pig Comes to Dinner and The Pig Goes to Hog Heaven. (AG) From Bas Bleu.

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