{Living In Coco Before Chanel}

From Design Sponge, comes one of my favorite features-the living in series----That Coco Chanel is a woman worthy of a week’s worth of endless style blather goes without saying, but what’s the fun in that? I’m saying it loud and proud — Coco Before Chanel is pretty much as gorgeous a movie as they come. Duh, you heard me say that it’s about Chanel, right?

Okay, so maybe it’s not the most factual account of her life and it omits some pretty eye-popping accounts, but on a strictly visual plane, I’m sold. According to the director, Chanel used to say, “I invented my life because I didn’t like my life,” so in that spirit, the movie meets its aim — to cause all of us girls to writhe in awe and jealousy at the beautiful things that exist in the world. Lord knows I won’t be able to afford Coco after Chanel, but a little inspired menswear-y chic à la Coco before Chanel? Yes, that I think I can swing.

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