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Seed Magazine just ran an article by Carl Zimmer entitled ‘The Awe of Natural History Collections‘ as part of their Darwin 200 celebration. It was beautifully illustrated with a series of large-format photographs by artist Justine Cooper featuring the scientific collections at the American Museum of Natural History. Seed describes the series as one that “document(s) the intersection of science, curation, and human curiosity.” See more of Cooper’s beautiful and slightly creepy images here.

“These elephant skulls are located in the attic of the museum, one of its last remaining 19th-century storage places.”

[photo detail]
“These newspaper-wrapped Cretaceous bones (75-65 million years old) have not been unwrapped since they were excavated nearly 100 years ago.”

[photo detail]
“A motley crew of specimens wait to have their carpet beetle infestations dealt with by a visit to the -20°C freezer located behind the silver door.”

[photo detail]
“As objects and specimens come into the AMNH collections, they are accessioned, meaning they are assigned a number and a record of accompanying data. These are some of thee first accession books, from the gems and minerals department.”

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