{Living in the Dark Crystal}

Today’s living in is all about “The Dark Crystal, which I loved growing up. I remember sitting in the bath tub reciting nearly word for word every detail of the movie. I grew up in a family that supported a healthy respect for Jim Henson, Labyrinth, Fraggle Rock and Sesame Street. I couldn't get enough of the Gelflings.
Natural geode $57, wooden flute $10, antique oil flagon $425, deerskin bracelet $80, diy pressed ferns, vintage demijohn and basket $148, leather sandals $149, petrified wood slices $40, citrine cluster $9, threshing basket $349.

I have a firm appreciation for 1980s style elfin fantasy style. A little thatched hut in the woods with lots of baskets and bottles and viney tree roots doesn’t sound too bad these days, but let’s skip the whole sucking of life essence bit. That, my friends, I could do without. So beware of the evil skekis and get on with it...
Iron globe chandelier $1873, leather fringe bag $84, set of 4 wicker votive holders $10, mushroom specimens $20, agate geode $29, antique wooden cart $698, iron table $548, wooden trivet $18. Thanks Design Sponge!

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