{prickley pear}

Orange and Pear features decoupage artist John Derian. I really enjoy his creations.
Here's what they say about him: John Derian has taken the art of decoupage to new heights. Decoupage is simply the art of cutting and gluing paper to surfaces. His designs are anything but simple. They are beautiful and elegant, yet fresh and witty. He has been collecting vintage images of fruit, flowers, animals, and shells for decades. He also hand paints borders over ledgers and letters that are over 100 years old. He uses his art to decoupage plates, trays, coasters, paper weights and table top items. His designs make very special gifts that can be used as a holders for letters, stamps and coins or beautifully displayed on a wall or bookshelf. At Orange and Pear, they love designers that transcend trends. John Derian's designs are timeless and look fabulous in modern and old homes.
We think this porcupine tray is sweet and fun. Don't you love the lavender dot detail in the background? It is such a unique piece and sure to be loved as a gift for anyone!

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