{a tale of truth and splendour}

On the anniversary of Natalie Wood's death, a new book is making its presence known in the book world. This highly anticipated book has been years in the making and has overcome many obstacles to be published. The author, Marti Rulli, writes on her site: http://www.martirulli.blogspot.com/ the following about her novel: "GNGS is the poignant story of how a young, cavalier adventurer, Dennis Davern, landed the position of Splendour Captain and how the Wagner family welcomed him into their hearts and home. Natalie Wood’s death in 1981 sent shock waves throughout the world and her death has remained an enduring mystery. Dennis Davern reached out to his friend, Marti Rulli, whose need to substantiate Davern’s story led to a personal quest for truth that will answer all of the lingering questions…truthfully."

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