{Curious Lists}

Curious Lists: A Creative Journal for List-Lovers is a delightful read for the well-organized. Bas Bleu states, "Do you think in bullet points? Is your to-do list a work of art? Do words like “organize,” “outline,” and “enumerate” make you smile? If so, then Curious Lists is definitely for you! But, truly, this “creative journal” offers enormous entertainment for even the least orderly among us. For, while “list-making” may sound like a quintessentially regimented activity, this unique book infuses it with delightful imaginative flair.
Hundreds of decidedly offbeat list titles are provided— “Attitudes of Large House Cats,” “Yucky Candies,” “Unpromising Haiku Beginnings,” “Albums to Be Played on a Sunday Afternoon,” “Obvious Lies that Begin with the Pronoun I,” “Tattoo Ideas for Triplets,” “Words that Mean the Opposite of How They Sound,” and so on—you simply generate the lists. What a funny gift for good-humored meticulous types!"

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