{old world charm on fire!}

On a recent excursion in the Florida Keys, I discovered a great!!! shop by the name of Besame Mucho in Key West. I loved the old world charm of their inventory. I could have spent hours pouring over every little item, applying every lotion, smelling every soap, fingering every textile, ok, ok, you catch my drift, hours in the store.

One divine little find is this item: Carta d'Armenia - Armenian Burning Paper

Famous throughout Europe, these amazing papers, which are exactly as they were in the 16th century, remove odors from any space with their frankincense and myrrh scent. Simply take one paper, fold into an accordion shape and light one end, then, blow out flame. You will see that the paper reacts like incense and because of the accordion fold you should be able to stand it on its side. Burn for approximately 5 minutes to remove odors (staleness, dampness or mold, cooking odors). You will smell the fragrance as well as a slight scent of burning paper. Always place on a glass or ceramic surface (Plate or bowl) to burn. Will cause ash which is easily washed off. Can also be used as scented papers placed directly in drawers or closets. 25 scented papers per box.

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