{pretty funky flavors}

MSN's Top 9 Ice Cream Places in the US: woo-hoo! the bent spoon is on MSN's top 9 ice cream places in the US! Andrea Pyenson writes, "The best ice cream in America is made by small outfits, often with local ingredients. With warmer weather on the way, here are nine parlors sure to please...The following ice cream shops represent a mix of old and new -- some are family businesses that have been passed down through generations; others are less than five years old, and some have pretty funky flavors... They all offer ice cream that is made with love, by professionals who care about delivering something truly special to the people who, more often than not, stand in line just to get a scoop." Of course, the ice cream really is delish, but I must take a moment to rave, RAVE, about their cupcakes! They are to die for... Pleave visit them in Princeton or at http://www.thebentspoon.net/index.html

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