{monestery surrounded}

A great place to lose oneself is at the Mont St. Michel in France. It is a 2-3 hour drive outside of Paris and well worth the trip. It is believed to be the site were the Arch Angel Michael was first seen. Because of tide waters, the monastery can often be found surrounded by water and then as the tide recedes, the water goes out with it, leaving visitors stranded. Within the walls of the village surrounding the monastery, are quaint little shops and restaurants. Of course, I have to have a crepe where ever I go in France, and these were not disappointing. To commemorate the experience, I recommend purchasing a beautiful watercolor, like the one I have in my powder room. The artist is quite good and is the only watercolorist featured on the island.


  1. I want to go :) Planning my 50th and this may have to be a stop :)

  2. While I was at culinary school in Paris a young friend took his girlfriend on a budget bus trip to Mont St Michel for the weekend (in winter). He recounted a miserable story of a crazy bus driver going miles out of the way to avoid tolls, and rude passengers including an old guy who kept stealing from the shops. Pretty funny- if it wasn't you.

  3. In LOVE! I'm thinking about starting my Paris trip planning soon, and this was absolutely inspirational! Thank you!